Winner of the AIBC Asia Award secured first place in this year’s AIBC award, leaving behind globally renowned names of the industry, such as Decentraland, and The Sandbox.

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minimize arrow’s initial land sale smart contract is on the Ethereum blockchain, with address 0xb1a975890a8bc846b78218d9d34fd23e1c0e21d9

Before purchasing from, ensure the 'Details' section on the OpenSea listing displays the following information.

Once your item has been purchased from our land sale smart contract, the land is automatically minted and will appear in our land collection - with the Ethereum contract address: 0x335bf383dda7502e9e78e0cf4c52c0aed97a8093

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to your world.

Beyond reality

Our island has 20,000 parcels ready to be owned by our community of neighbors. We will distribute 4,000 parcels before the launch of in Q3 2022.

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Less is more. There are two ways to own land: outright purchase and through participation in our creator competitions. is a blank canvas and a chance to
build a life you've always dreamed of.

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a new and exciting

Looking for something more?
Friends, income, fun, knowledge, freedom?
With the metaverse you can get all of it
wherever you are in the world.

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Apply now to gain early access and rewards will be opening the doors to everyone in 2023. But if you want to get a head-start and be one of the first into pre-events, then apply to become a citizen and you'll get your invite before the rest of the world.

Once you apply we'll send you a brief form to fill in that will help us build the world you want, and we'll add you to our citizens newsletter. This will keep you updated on all things pax and any special offers or events we have going on.

You don't want to miss out on regular giveaways, including unique NFTs, exclusive invite-only events, in-world tokens (PAXW) or even a piece of land to build upon.

So apply now before it's too late!
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