Attracting and retaining higher net-worth guests

Having trouble attracting and retaining higher net-worth guests?


In an ever more competitive marketplace, expectations are rising from both hospitality clients and their guests in turn.  This has led to increasing pressure to find new and innovative ways for clubs/venues to attract these high paying clients on a regular basis.


Previous efforts have been made to improve aspects of these packages such as the food and beverage inclusions to player meet and greets and access to even more areas of a venue on the event day.

Living in a more connected and technologically advanced world, the next step will be brought about by the introduction of intelligent mobile technology allowing the VIP guest experience to be enhanced from the very point of booking, all the way to the event day itself.

A historically time consuming and arduous process, the booking of such packages often leads to hours spent organising your guests - all of whom have questions about the logistics of the day that need to be answered by the booker/host.  The stress caused by the ‘lost ticket’ scenario or the last-minute cancellation all leads to the experience becoming much less enjoyable for the person in charge!

















…Enter PAX!  By producing a tailor-made mobile application in conjunction with a club/venue, PAX will improve on traditional practices and solve many existing deficiencies improving the experience for the venue, booker, host and guests all in one;

Housing a succinct and ergonomic guest invitation function, the app greatly simplifies the process for bookers/hosts when looking to fill their private box/table

PAX places all necessary event info at the guest’s fingertips – without needing to ask the host.  Download the app and find everything you need to know ahead of the event.

​Have a guest with a special request?  Specific dietary requirements, perhaps?  Notify the venue easily via the app​


Tired of waiting for the late arrival to give them their ticket outside the venue? 


Had guest forgotten their ticket?  Worry no more… PAX offers mobile ticketing technology to ensure all tickets can be accessed and shared easily and securely with the click of a button

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