The problem with ticket fraud 
The sports and music ticket industries face a huge challenge in overcoming the issue of ticket touts both here in the UK and abroad.  For a while now there has been hoped that technology could provide an answer to the issue which can affect rights holders and fans alike.







With the use of the latest mobile ticketing technology, PAX can eliminate the issue providing venues with the protection they need and returning buyers’ confidence.
PAX will offer clubs and venues a web-based management console where the event organizer can easily manage all tickets from distribution to end-use.  They will be able to trace all ticket transfers in real-time and uses graph detection algorithms to identify potential fraud within the ticket lifecycle.
For the event going guest, PAX places the ticket in the palm of their hand.  Both iOS and Android compatible, the mobile application is an enhanced wallet offering where attendees can securely buy, store and transfer digital tickets.  PAX will incorporate blockchain ticket creation/deletion technology which guarantees security, transparency, immutability and removes the need of third parties.  
PAX means that a secure and trusted VIP ticketing market is now very much available.

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